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When Only The Best Will Do!

Welcome to Jovelles Cat Motel, a small boarding cattery where your furr-person’s comfort and happiness is our number one concern.

Cats Queensland Inc is a great Cat Registering Association In Queensland. They are affiliated with the CCC of A. Jovelles Burmese and Carinya British are all registered with Cats Queensland Inc.

Welcome to the Interactive Mating Chart, developed by the Burmese Cat Society of UK. Just put in the colours of the two prospective Burmese parents and it will give you the possibilities. A great tool for Burmese breeders everywhere.

Vet Products Direct offer many great products at really competitive prices. You can get just about anything you will need for your precious furr-person. Click on the link to go there and see for yourself!

Pet Plan is a great Cat and Dog insurance company. All Jovelles and Carinya kittens come with a 6 week insurance plan.

Avian Vitality have a great range of supplements for your cat / dog / bird etc. Check out their range and great prices. Your pets will thank you for it.